People in the Molecular and Cellular Oncology Unit

Group Leader: Dr. Geert BERX

Berx GeertGroup Leader13 650Geert.Berx16
Jonckheere SvenPh.D. Student13 655Sven.Jonckheere1321
Loret NelePh.D. Student13 654Nele.Loret1395
Peeters EvelienPh.D. Student13 655Evelien.Peeters1850
Van Landeghem JanPh.D. Student13 644Jan.VanLandeghem1564
Verstappe JeroenPh.D. Student13 654Jeroen.Verstappe1748
De Coninck JordyLab Technician13 645Jordy.DeConinck1699
Taminau JoachimLab Technician13 644Joachim.Taminau890
De Clercq KatoMaster Thesis Student13 650Kato.DeClercq1822
Haerinck JefMaster Thesis Student13 644Jef.Haerinck1824

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