Title: People in this unit

People in the Cellular and Molecular (Patho)physiology unit

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Geert VAN LOO

van Loo GeertGroup Leader13 761Geert.vanLoo137
Hoste EstherResearch Team Leader13 763/773Esther.Hoste527
Wullaert AndyResearch Team Leader13 765Andy.Wullaert365
Akula Naga MuraliPostdoctoral Researcher13 763Naga.Akula1802
Frising UlrikaPostdoctoral Researcher13 765Ulrika.Frising1601
Ribo Gené SilviaPostdoctoral Researcher13 765Silvia.RiboGene1602
Doglio Maria GiuliaPh.D. Student13 762MariaGiulia.Doglio1439
Eeckhout ElienPh.D. Student13 762Elien.Eeckhout1454
Jans MaudePh.D. Student13 763/773Maude.Jans1753
Lecomte KimPh.D. Student13 763Kim.Lecomte1643
Martens ArnePh.D. Student13 763/773Arne.Martens1153
Srinivasan SahanaPh.D. Student13 763/773Sahana.Srinivasan1397
Stocks HannahPh.D. Student13 765Hannah.Stocks1740
Van Hove LisettePh.D. Student13 763/773Lisette.VanHove1417
Verboom LienPh.D. Student13 763Lien.Verboom1539
Boone FleurLab Technician13 763Fleur.Boone1874
Sze MozesLab Technician13 763/773Mozes.Sze660
Verdonckt MaartenLab Technician13 762Maarten.Verdonckt1263
Hertens PieterMaster Thesis Student13 762Pieter.Hertens1825

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