Title: Ethical committee

Ethical committee

IRC-UGent ethical committee

In order to perform experiments in animal models systems using interventions in live animals, an evaluation and approval by an ethical committee is required. These pages collect all resources needed to make an application for approval by the ethical committee of UGent (WE14). The submission of an application requires an association with UGent, and thus an UGent account and is done using the UGent Sharepoint application. All templates files that need to be filled in can be found on the Sharepoint directory.


A manual with detailed instructions is available on Sharepoint, and can be accessed by the following link (login required).

In order to submit an application, the application file and non-technical summary (NTS) need to be filled in and uploaded on Sharepoint as well as a signed printout of the summary page of the application form. At the end of the project a retrospective analysis form is also required to be filled in, signed by the responsible for the animal experiment or PI/promotor, and sent to ethical.committee.spam.detractor@irc.vib-ugentspam.corruptor.be.

Yes, according to the Belgian law, a retrospective analysis is required in all cases, and this needs to be marked as such in the NTS. Any "P3 - severe" marked procedures in the application make the RA fall under "ernstige procedures" (severe procedures) in the NTS form, all other cases should be marked as "andere" (other) on the NTS form with the reason "vereist volgens de wetgeving" (legal requirement) filled in.

The templates can be found on the Sharepoint folder: "Documenten/Templates" (login required).

The RA form must be filled in and submitted after the project is "completed": when all allotted mice have been used, all goals of the project have been met, the project was discontinued, or the project end time (as filled in on the NTS, max 60 months) expires, whichever comes first. All RA forms should be submitted within one month of project completion.

Make sure you login using your UGent credentials, in case of problems contact the Sharepoint responsible (ethical.committee.spam.detractor@irc.vib-ugentspam.corruptor.be).

Please send a mail to ethical.committee.spam.detractor@irc.vib-ugentspam.corruptor.be with your question.

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