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IRC Calendar

People in the seminar room

,The VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research organizes a seminar cycle with outstanding international speakers.

Regular seminars take place on Friday, at 11:30 in the seminar room of the FSVM I-building (Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 71, Ghent) and are open for everyone. Registration is not necessary.

Other events organized by the IRC:

All lectures take place in the seminar room of the FSVM building unless otherwise stated.

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IRC Calendar

Our seminars are organized in a hybrid way. Registration is not required.

Thursday December 1


Host: Rudi Beyaert

Organized in the frame of the EOS - Excellence of Science project 'Taking IBD Genes from GWAS to Function to Drug Target' (BRIDGE)

Ramnik Xavier

Director of the Klarman Cell Observatory, Director of the Immunology Program, and Co-director of the Infectious Disease and Microbiome Program at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Director of the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Controllers of mucosal immunity"

To join online, click here. Meeting ID: 814 4638 2013 Passcode: 657539

Friday December 2


Host: Bart Lambrecht

Tim Willinger

Karolinska Institutet, Center for Infectious Medicine, Sweden

"Origin of Human Lung Macrophages in Steady State and Inflammation"

More information

To join online, click here. Meeting ID: 898 6361 8276 Passcode: 327489

Friday December 9


Host: Charlotte Scott

Elvira Mass

Life & Medical Sciences (LIMES) Institute, University of Bonn, Germany

"Developmental Programming of Tissue-Resident Macrophages"

More information

Friday December 9


PhD Defense

Dieter Tulkens

Department for Biomedical Molecular Biology, Ghent University

"Uncovering novel cancer driver genes using CRISPR/Cas9 multiplexing in Xenopus tropicalis"

Tuesday December 13


PhD Defense

Annelies Emmaneel

Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics , Ghent University, VIB Center for Inflammation Research

"Improving diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies using computational cytometry"

Friday December 16


Host: Bart Lambrecht

Markus Kleinewietfeld

VIB Center for Inflammation Research, Hasselt University,
University MS Center, Belgium

"The ionic microenvironment as a modulator of the immune cell balance and disease"

Friday January 13


Host: Sophie Janssens

Wolfgang Kastenmüller

University of Würzburg, Germany

Friday January 20


Host: Dirk Elewaut

Christophe Scheiermann

Centre Médical Universitaire (CMU), University of Geneva, Switzerland

Friday January 27


Host: Sophie Janssens

Elif Karagoz

Medical University of Vienna, Austria