Title: Bio IT support

Bioinformatics Core Facility

Contact : Dr. Pieter De Bleser

Tel:+32 9 33 13 693 -  Fax:+32 9 33 13 609
E-mail: Pieter.DeBleser@irc.vib-UGent.be


The bioinformatics core offers bioinformatics support for all members of
the IRC, including:

  • Assistance in the application of bioinformatics tools
  • The operation of a help-desk
  • The organisation of training sessions for common applications
  • The provision of an environment enabling post-docs and graduate students to pursue specific bioinformatics research


The general theme of the BioIT research is prediction of regulation of gene-expression and involves projects on promoter analysis, TFBS predictions, classification of co-regulated genes on the basis of their promoter characteristics and phylogenetic conservation of gene regulatory elements.


(see also: publications from the BioIT core facility )

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