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Contact : Riet De Rycke

Proeftuinstraat 86, 9000 Gent

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General information on the TEM facility

The TEM-Core facility located on the campus ‘INW” of the UGent is providing expertise in the use and application of transmission electron microscopy to serve biological or biomedical research. The facility was established in 2003 and shares equipment of the Department of Biology.

Available equipment:

Jeol JEM1400plus, Leica ultramicrotome UC6, Leica ultramicrotome UC7 + FC7, Leica high-pressure freezer (EM-Pact), Leica AFS (automatic freeze substitution). The aim of the facility is to support research projects of all scientific groups of VIB1, Inflammation Research Center (IRC), including projects in cell biology, inflammation, glycobiology, virology, cancer biology, cell death, developmental biology, immunology…and VIB2, Plant Systems Biology (PSB), including projects dealing with cell cycle, cell death, gene regulation, plant microbes, root development, secondary metabolites… New approaches such as high-pressure freezing of various types of cells and tissues have been developed and standard TEM methods for morphological analysis and immuno-gold electron microscopy (single/double labeling) are provided. The benefit of such a TEM core facility for the ongoing research at the VIB has been demonstrated by the numerous high impact factor papers that relied on the addition of TEM data.
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Publications since 2003 with contribution of IRC-PSB TEM-Core facility:

   Publications of this core facility in the UGent bibliography


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TEM images in supplementary data

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