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IRC & GROUP-ID seminars

People in the seminar room


Together with GROUP-ID (http://www.group-id.org: the UGent Multidisciplinary Research Partnership “Ghent Researchers On Unfolded Proteins in Inflammatory Disease”),
the IRC organizes a seminar cycle with outstanding international speakers.
Regular seminars take place on Friday, at 11:30

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Forthcoming IRC & GROUP-ID Seminars

20 November  2014
Host: R. Beyaert

Dr. Seamus J. MARTIN   
Professor of Medical Genetics, Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory,
 The Smurfit Institute, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
"A unified route to activation of all members of
the extended IL-1 family, including IL-36"

1 December  2014
Host:B. Lambrecht

Dr. Pierre-Julien SLOVES
Center for infection and immunity of Lille, CNRS UMR8204 - INSERM U1019, Lille University, France
"Apical secretion by Toxoplasma gondii is dependent on a Sortilin-like receptor and guides the establishment
of a long term protective immunity against the parasite"

5 December  2014
Host:B. Lambrecht

Dr. Allan MOWAT
Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Glasgow, UK
“Heterogeneity of intestinal macrophages and dendritic cells”